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Need to keep the food fresh and warm while preserving its safety and nutritional value.

In general, when food is displayed at high-end restaurants, buffets, and fast food restaurants, IR lamp is used not only for keeping food warm, but also for the effect of making food look more appetizing through the light. As the surrounding temperature gradually decreases, the fat hardens and the food becomes hard. Infrared bulbs are used to prevent this and preserve the texture of the food.

Effects & Advantages

  • Keep food warm without drying it out
  • Keep food looking more delicious
  • Keep food tasting fresher
  • The most economical choice
  • Produce light addition to warming
  • Easy to use space

    Since the product is not bulky in use, it is easy to move and use space.

  • Available for range/area as required

    It can be used in various areas by adjusting the wattage and height as needed.

  • Easy to install

    It can be plugged into a standard outlet.

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