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Security lights will ensure that you are always safe and able to see in the dark environment

Motion sensor lights illuminate dark halls, garages, porches, decks and backyards to ensure that the most challenging spaces to navigate in the dark are always safely illuminated and accessible. When someone steps onto your property or moves close to your home entry points, the motion sensor lights turn on which allows homeowners to feel safer and deter potential home burglars.

Effects & Advantages


Active Deterrents

Motion sensor outdoor lights deter animals and trespassers away from your property.
They can deter unwanted people or animals during the day or night as they will either be spotted or emit a bright light that will increase the safety of your home at night.

Grab Attention

Motion sensors are reactionary; this means once they sense motion they’re activated and illuminate the area. Drawing attention to the vicinity they are in.


Energy saving

Saves your money in the long run because they use little electricity the amount of light you get compared to the amount of energy you consume is larger.


LED security lights, especially those with various modes just simply need to be installed and turned on. After they’re installed and on, they never require anymore maintenance or time.
Saving you heaps on time and effort while protecting your home!

Long Lifespan

LED floodlights last almost 10 times longer than incandescent lighting.

JK's LED products have 25,000 hours of life span.

No Heat Emanation

LED bulbs do note emanate heat. It means they do note contribute to a rise in temperatures where thery are place.

The absence of heat makes a safe environment from the risk of an electrical fire.

No Transformation

Since it is made with hard glass, the fixture will not change due to whether effects such as hot sunlights, rains or snows.

Alternative of the plastic LED outdoor bulbs.


Hard Glass

Nearly equal to incandescents in size

Superb energy efficiency

Longer life : 25,000 hrs


In many household fixtures

Outdoor use

Security motion sensor lighting


PAR38 (1-piece glass)


90% energy saving compare to incandescent lamp

Long-lasting alternatives to incandescent lamp

Easy to install - Can be plugged into standard outlet

Product Features

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